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If you are in the market for high-end, hand-made, American Made leather goods, Lotuff should be on your short list.

The products from Lotoff span a wide range. Everything from backpacks for men to totes for women to American Alligator wallets and even to completely custom bespoke items to match exactly what you need and want.

All of it made by hand by American artisans.

We know very little about how to tan leather, but reading about the Lotuff process is not only educational but also quite interesting.

If you are interested in visiting their studio to get a more hands on feel for what you are buying, schedule a visit and make a visit the next time you are in Providence.

One of our favorites they offer would be any of the pet accessories you can get.

You’ll be paying up for a premium product, but every pet is worth that, right!

Whether you are looking for a gift or you just wish to buy yourself something very nice, take a look at what Lotuff has to offer. We think you will be happy you did!

Company: Lotuff