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If you are in the market for high-end, hand-made, American Made leather goods, Lotuff should be on your short list. The products from Lotoff span a wide range. Everything from backpacks for men to totes for women to American Alligator wallets and even to completely custom bespoke items to match exactly what you need and want. All of it made by hand by American artisans. We know very little about how to tan leather, but reading about the Lotuff process is not only educational but also quite interesting. Continue reading

American Chest Company

Let’s say you have gone over to Whitehouse Brothers and purchased yourself some beautiful, made in America Jewelry. Where do you store it when it’s not being used? How about with a Jewelry Chest from American Chest Company. A quality, American Made jewelry chest for your important items. Mac McLoughlin founded American Chest Company after a long and successful career. You can read all about the path that lead to the company formation here. Continue reading

Water Rower

2022-09-20 Athletics Fitness
If you spend any time in a gym you know that time spent on a rower is time well spent. You can have that same experience at home using an American Made Water Rower. Rather than a copying how a typical rower works, the Water Rower uses what they call a ‘WaterFlyWheel.’ This consists of a specially designed paddle to cup water on every stroke, thus providing the resistance needed for your workout. Continue reading