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2022-11-18 Tools

One thing that most folks neglect in their homes is the state of their knife blades. Are they sharp? Maybe, maybe not. When was the last time you sharpened one?

SelecTool produces a knife & tool sharpener that will allow you to sharpen practically any bladed item you may have. Knives, scissors, pruners, pizza cutters. Heck, even axes, hatchets and sickles!

And it is USA made.

The SELECTOOL is 100% MADE IN AMERICA, (and will always be.)

SelecTool even sells a printed instructional sharpening mat you can place your sharpener on when using it. Nothing like having easy-to-follow instructions at all time!

Adding one of these tools to your kit will allow you to keep all of your knives (and any bladed items!) sharp and ready to use at all times.

Plus, buying one is a great way to support an American Business prodcing American Made quality products!

Company: SelecTool