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Paul Hoge Creations

2023-03-23 Home Goods

In the market for some American Made candles? Check out Paul Hoge Creations.

In business since 1971, Paul Hoge Creations strives to provide quality candles at affordable prices.

All of the candles are made in their shop in Marshville, North Carolina, which you can visit for a closer look.

If you are not able to visit the factory store to pick out what you want, you can purchase Paul Hoge Creations candles over at

Have some pet odor you want to get rid of? Perhaps the Apple Cobbler Pet Odor Eliminator will take care of it for you.

Maybe you are looking for a more general odor eliminator? How about the Magic Mushroom Odor Eliminator.

They have some pretty wild candles to cover any situation!

We think it is important to have quality products in your home. Especially ones that will be burning. Paul Hoge Creations are American Made and sure to be the quality you need.

Company: Paul Hoge Creations