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Orthopedic Drum Thrones

When you go see a live concert do you ever think about whether the drummer is comfortable or not? Probably not. But think about the fact they they are back there sitting and basically doing a full exercise routine!

Looking to alleviate drummer discomfort, Orthopedic Drum Thrones makes two different ’thrones’ to take the place of the old drum chair you might be using.

Let’s face the facts, every drummer either has a standard Circle shape throne top or the Saddle style. If you are performing and start having issue’s like cramping, fatigue or pain you normally just have to deal with it. Very few drummers will spend money on both styles and very hard to switch out in the middle of a performance if pain starts to occur. We have solved that issue and more with our unique shapes named the “Gigster” & “Hipster.”

The Gigster Drum Throne is the more standard looking of the two. If only judging by appearance you might think it is similar to what you already have. However, we are betting you will be far more comfortable while playing while seating atop this one.

The other option, the Hipster Drum Throne is a bit more unique looking and may be perfect for you, depending on your particular needs.

Either throne will certainly get you out of your gigs feeling better than how you end your shows now!

And best yet, Orthopedic Drum Thrones are Made in the USA!

O.D.T’s mission is to help combat the adverse effects of sitting by providing you with an affordable line of ergonomic seating products all custom made in the United States of America.

You’ll not only be helping your back and your comfort level, you’ll be supporting an American company in the process.

If you are a drummer, or have a drummer in the family or circle of friends, give Orthopedic Drum Thrones a look!

Company: Orthopedic Drum Thrones