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2023-06-08 Instruments Music
Who doesn’t love the sound of a great drummer playing a great kit? You’ll find quite a few great drummers playing Gretsch American Made drums. Greats such as Phil Collins, Cindy Blackman-Santana and the late Taylor Hawkins all get great sounds out of their Gretsch kits. The company roots start in 1883 in Brooklyn, NY when Friedrich Gretsch, who emigrated from Germany, opened a small music shop making banjos, drums and tambourines. Continue reading

Orthopedic Drum Thrones

When you go see a live concert do you ever think about whether the drummer is comfortable or not? Probably not. But think about the fact they they are back there sitting and basically doing a full exercise routine! Looking to alleviate drummer discomfort, Orthopedic Drum Thrones makes two different ’thrones’ to take the place of the old drum chair you might be using. Let’s face the facts, every drummer either has a standard Circle shape throne top or the Saddle style. Continue reading

Bevin Bells

Founded in 1832, Bevin Bells has been crafting high-quality bells in America for over 190 years! Today, the factory continues to produce over 50 different sizes and styles of bells – and every single bell is still made with great pride in East Hampton, CT. There are lots of types of bells to choose from: Cowbells Holiday Bells Gift & Wedding Bells Home, Garden & Boat Bells Shopkeepers We are partial to the Flag Call Bell ourselves. Continue reading

Paul Reed Smith Guitars

2022-09-14 Instruments Music
Those of us lucky enough to grow up as huge fans of the band RUSH were lucky to hear the amazing sounds coming from guitarist Alex Lifeson. Those sounds, more often than not, were being made on a beautiful Paul Reed Smith guitar. Paul Reed Smith Guitars is based in Maryland and makes many of the loved guitars in that factory. The story of how the company came to be is one of a determined individual wanting to build amazing guitars. Continue reading