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Ever had the need or desire to stay in bed and have a drink handy? Of course you have.

Grab yourself a HoldZie and you can keep that drink at a handy distance with no worries of it spilling!

We are marking this one as “something we need but didn’t know we need.” We can think of a number of reasons you’d want to have a drink handy while in bed. Perhaps you are ill and want to keep yourself hydrated. Perhaps you are elderly and just need a way to keep the drink handy. Heck, maybe you just want to lay in bed and drink wine all day. That works too!

The HoldZie Beverage Holder slips between your mattress and box spring to create a solid platform for holding the needed beverage.

A gloriously simple design that you can count on working every time.

The best part: The HoldZie products are Made in America.

They have a few different options to meet whatever you requirements might be:

You know you want one. You’ll be getting yourself a useful item and supporting a company manufacturing in America!

Company: HoldZie