Be American Made

Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

North Star Leather

North Star Leather was founded in Boston in 1969 by Stephen M. Batson. They stand out from most leather good producers as they are 100% Made in America. North Star Leather also stands apart by offering an amazing warranty on their products: North Star Leather’s products are guaranteed for as long as you own them. Really an unbeatable warranty. Clearly they are confident in their products! You’ll find everything from Men’s Wallets to Women’s Hair Accessories to Backpacks. Continue reading


2023-06-08 Instruments Music
Who doesn’t love the sound of a great drummer playing a great kit? You’ll find quite a few great drummers playing Gretsch American Made drums. Greats such as Phil Collins, Cindy Blackman-Santana and the late Taylor Hawkins all get great sounds out of their Gretsch kits. The company roots start in 1883 in Brooklyn, NY when Friedrich Gretsch, who emigrated from Germany, opened a small music shop making banjos, drums and tambourines. Continue reading

Collared Greens

2022-12-07 Clothing
“American Grown & Sewn” This is how Collared Greens describes itself and the clothing they make. American Made clothing is not something that is usually easy to come by. It’s great to see a company like Collared Greens offering such a wide array of items, all Made in America. The offering list is quite large! T-Shirts Caps Button Down Shirts Pants & Shorts Belts Neckties Bow Ties Cummerbund Sets Kid’s Gear Key Chains Silk Cufflines Fly Fishing Pins Seriously, there is something for everyone here. Continue reading

Allegiance Flag Supply

If you were to stop and ask yourself: “What is the ONE thing that should ALWAYS be made in America?” What do you think your answer would be? For me it is simple. The American Flag. The notion of flying an American Flag that was made somewhere other than the United States does not sit right. Thankfully, there is Allegiance Flag Supply . When answering “Why are your flags made in America? Continue reading