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Road Trip Potty

For the women among us, those long hours in a vehicle on a road trip can be a bit problematic when it comes to relieving oneself.

Thankfully, the American Made Road Trip Potty exists to help alleviate any problems!

The Road Trip Potty is exactly what it sounds like. A portable female urinal. As they say, “When not going is NOT an option!”

The Road Trip Potty is the brainchild of Angela Brathwaite.

After researching products to address the concerns of women and girls needing to go to the restroom while being stuck in traffic and talking to girlfriends and mothers of young girls, I was inspired to design a solution for both women and girls who found themselves sitting in traffic without urination options.

They also manufacture a Car Seat Cover and a Discretion Blanket to go along with your portable urinal.

Nothing creates anxiety like needing to pee and having nowhere to go. And it’s worse when you’re traveling in a vehicle with no restroom options. The nearest restroom may be miles away or you could be stuck in stalled traffic!

A solution to a real-life problem. Made in America.

Company: Road Trip Potty