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Paul Reed Smith Guitars

2022-09-14 Instruments Music

Those of us lucky enough to grow up as huge fans of the band RUSH were lucky to hear the amazing sounds coming from guitarist Alex Lifeson. Those sounds, more often than not, were being made on a beautiful Paul Reed Smith guitar.

Paul Reed Smith Guitars is based in Maryland and makes many of the loved guitars in that factory.

The story of how the company came to be is one of a determined individual wanting to build amazing guitars. Read about how initial guitars were built and then driven up and down the east coast hoping for orders. Also be sure to check out the full timeline available on their About PRS page.

As of 2021, PRS Guitars employs over 400. That is a great milestone for a company started by a single man in small workshop.

PRS makes a series of ‘signature’ models for a number of amazing musicians:

Some of the PRS USA-Made guitars:

I remember hanging out at the local concert arenas for six or seven hours before a show to make friends with the roadies. With a backstage pass in hand, I’d peddle my guitars to the stars. One night in ten I’d make a sale. Carlos Santana, Al Di Meola, Howard Leese, and other well-known players agreed to check one out. I made deals. If someone gave me an order, made a deposit, and then didn’t love the finished guitar, I’d give them their deposit back even if I couldn’t make my rent the next day.

Paul Reed Smith Guitars is a great example of having a dream and making it work. From a small woodshop to a massive factory with over 400 employees. Creating beautiful American Made instruments for artists from Carlos Santana to John Mayer to Al Di Meola.

Company: Paul Reed Smith Guitars