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We are fascinated by outdoor equipment and tools. We love the new ways companies come up with to solve problems encountered by those braving the elements.

One such interesting company is Maruspial. They make gear that is suitable for any outdoor endeavor. You can find chest packs, lumbar belts, protective cases and field gear.

We have been eying the Enclosed Binocular Pack for a while now. It seems like the perfect design for carrying your binoculars in the field. Having used other options, we are 100% convinced the way Marsupial has designed this is the proper way it should be done. Opening towards the front is the way to go.

When we built our first prototype in 2015, forward opening bino packs weren’t a thing. Now it’s the standard.

Not only are they making great gear, but they are a great American Story when it comes to building the company.

Marsupial was started by Jim and Hannah Graham in 2015. It was purely a ‘side hustle’ to start as they continued normal day jobs.

Working full-time jobs at the time, we spent a lot of lunch breaks doing business in parking lots. As we sold through our first batch of inventory, we doubled down on more products, reinvesting everything into more finished goods.

In January 2020, we moved into a new facility with a team exclusively sewing Marsupial Gear. Since then, we have grown exponentially and continue to do so as we develop new products and widen our product reach.

We absolutely love this story. They saw a need and built the perfect product to fill that need. And they have been succesful at doing it. All while keeping production here in the United States.

We do not export production to save a dollar or two. Everything we make is made in the U.S.A.

If you spend any time outdoors you should check out what Marsupial has to offer. Whether you are on a backcountry hunt or simply out enjoying nature. A quality way to carry your binoculars will make any outing just a little bit better.

Company: Marsupial