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2023-01-09 Clothing

“From sheep to shelf.” The mantra of merino wool apparel company Duckworth.

Not sure what this is? Read what is Merino Wool to get a better understanding of the benefits.

Duckworth not only makes the apparel but also manages the sheep on their ranch in Dillon, MT.

We don’t source wool, we grow it on our ranch in Montana. We carefully manage every step of the process, from fiber to finished garment.

It’s not possible to be more American Made than that.

Wool made in the country of origin – The United States – creates value added product for our local economies and brings jobs back home.

The Duckworth Story is one of many generations of family working hard to create something truly special. Every step of the proces is done within the confines of the United States. From growing, shearing and sorting wool in Montana to spinning, dying and weaving in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, The Carolinas and Tennesee. Finally, garment production in Illinois and Louisiana.

Duckworth is keeping Americans employeed all across the country!

We love that Duckworth offers in-depth explanations of things like their Supply Chain & Ethics and why you should be considering Merino Wool.

For specific apparel items, you’ll find a wide gamut offered. Mens Items such as the comet leggings and Sawtooth shirt and even the knit rigger hat.

And also a full assortment of Womens Items including Powder High Neck, Vapor Brief and Vapor Camisole.

If you aren’t sure where to start with Merino Wool clothing you can’t go wrong with socks. Once you start wearing them you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

American Made apparel for men and women. 100% sourced and produced in the United States.

We are big fans. Duckworth is the perfect example of what can be done with a great idea and some hard work!

Company: Duckworth