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2022-08-24 Home Goods

Wisconsin must be a hot bed for father & son teams creating cool products. Similar to Metal Art of Wisconsin, we have another father/son duo at BenShot creating unique glassware that is 100% American Made.

The drinkware produced by BenShot is unique, to say the least. Every item has the appearance of being hit and impaled by another object. These impaling objects are frequently things such as sports balls, Guitar Picks, and arrow heads.

The full category list of what you can order:

They even offer a 2nd Amendment Glass that has the 2nd Amendment inscribed on the glass!

BenShot takes pride in the fact they are supporting American workers and manufacturing their glassware 100% within the United States.

When it comes to American manufacturing, we stick to our guns. Every BenShot glass is hand-crafted, one at a time, in our glass workshop in Wisconsin. This makes each piece truly one of a kind; no two glasses are alike! High-quality, crafted with care, and infused with pride by the person who made it - that’s how we do things at BenShot.

Not only does BenShot manufacture in the USA and support local workers, they also get involved in giving back to their community. To date, they have donated to more than 800 non-profit organizations across the country. These include Relay For Life, The YMCA, Toys For Tots and numerous others.

If you are looking for some interesting glasses for your home, or perhaps you want a great gift for a friend, take a look at BenShot. You’ll be supporting a great American company when you do.

Company: BenShot